Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 11th November 2010

Today I'm not working because we arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 5.00am and then wait for Encik Taufiq to fetch us and sent we home. He arrives at 5.40am at Greenwood station. Then he sent me home and i arrive at home about 6.00am. I can't sleep after that and so in the bus, i can't sleep. I take my breakfast and tell the experience of journey to my parents and at 10.30am i start to feel sleepy and i slept. Then i woke up at 4.00pm with lot of Missed Call from the office, i wanted to go to the office but i overslept and i'm so sorry. Its my bad.
Then i received a text message from the office said..

"Salam Hasrul. Jamal and Fahmi called and you did not answer nor return their call. We do not know your where about and i consider you did not report for work today. I do expect some explanation from you for your absent today. If you do not report for work tomorrow, without valid  reasons, i will not hesitate to terminate your internship with Razali Omar Design. Cc: Encik Taufiq/Jamal"

Tomorrow i have to see En.Taufiq for explanation about my absent today. I'm not good at lying and what i will do is i will tell the truth which is i overslept and did not hear the called. Thats it. What happen will be my responsibilities. If they want to terminate me, its okay. My bad right? i'll face it. And if i were terminate, i'll find another company to do the internship programmed and actually i have found one in case if i will be terminate tomorrow. See you tomorrow ROD.

Day 10 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 10th November 2010 - Kelantan Task

Arrives at Kelantan at 7.00am and it is a long journey for me and as far as i'm concern the last time i went to Kelantan is in year 2000 and that time i was in a school trip to Kelantan! Wow! Long long long time ago, 10 years ago!

After that we walked to the Hotel about 5 minute walking and we reach at Hotel Raudhah in Kelantan. The room is quite big even though we just pay for Rm147.50 and it full with facilities and not like the other cheap hotel in other places which is they have to share the toilet, no water heater and so on. But we are lucky because this hotel are full with all kind of facilities but no swimming pool! Just kidding! Then we slept for a while at the Hotel because in the bus we cant sleep well because of the environment in the Transnasional bus and i promise to myself that it will be my last time to ride on Transnasional. My last time!

We start work at 2.00pm but we go out early because to find a taxi. We think that its hard to find taxi in Kelantan and guess what, there is taxi all around us! And now i know why is taxi driver all around Kelantan, it is because the taxi charges are quite expensive! From Kota Baru to Kubang kerian is Rm15.00! No wonder all people in here wanted to be taxi driver, and the fun part is, no meter in the taxi! What we do is, we ask the taxi driver where to go and the taxi driver will name the price! Haha! And if in Kuala Lumpur, i think from Kota Baru to Kubang Kerian the charges will be only Rm6.50 only because it is not far enough actually. But we dont have any choice. We hired the taxi and went to Bank Rakyat at Kubang Kerian.

At the Bank Rakyat we were surprises because the balloon were not there, we start thinking if the balloon has flew away.This is not good and Fahmi go to see the person in charge and ask for it, we were shocked because Fahmi went out by holding the box of balloon in it. The staff of Bank Rakyat has pack it up for us because they said the balloon has leak of gas and it drop down. The job become more easier and we as a group roll the ropes and pack all the tools inside the box and we go for a lunch at RFC. Radix Fried Chicken.
I bet there will be no RFC in Kuala Lumpur and guess what RFC has their own branch in Kelantan and the interface are just like KFC! Well Done Kelantan!

Then we go back to our Hotel to kept the balloon and all the tools. We rest and after that we go to KB Mall which is situated at Kota Baru. Its good to see the Mall at the other places because before this we are immune with all the Kuala Lumpur mall but today we take a tour at Kota Baru city.

At 9.00pm we have to go back to Kuala Lumpur but not with Transnasional anymore! Tonight we will be on Sani Ekspress all the way back to Kuala Lumpur! YahoooooooOO! Sani Ekspress is very comfortable and i'm start loving riding a bus actually when i met Sani Ekspress! All the way back to Kuala Lumpur i met a girl and she actually very kind and i hope i can see her back soon. Insyallah. Thanks Kelantan

Day 9 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 9th November 2010

Today En.Taufiq gave us some briefing about the Kelantan task which is situated at Bank Rakyat Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. The task is to ensure that the balloons were dropped and kept it because the balloon already leak of gas so we as a team have to take it back. He also give us the budget for Kelantan task which is as below:

Kelantan Task Budget
Bus Fare - Rm300
Hotel - Rm100
Allowance - Rm150
Food and Drinks - Rm90

After that Fahmi went to Hentian Putra to buy the ticket for us and guess what, it Transnasional! Ohh.. this is not good! But, what to do, he already bought it. For today, no work for me and what i do is just wait until i can go back home. I've not pack anything yet and after came home, i pack all the item that i really need in Kelantan.

At 10.00pm, Lokman pick me me up at home and we went to Hentian Putra after that. At the bus tstation, we put all our bags in the bus and as i were thinking before, Transnasional is very narrow! Urghhh..
In the bus, i cant sleep at all! i dont know why, maybe because i'm not comfortable in the bus. I kept thinking about the accident involving the bus and the other bus, its really freaking me out! But i realize i have to think positive so that anything cant happen. Amin.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 8 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 8th November 2010

Arrive at 9.30am and today I'm wearing long sleeve kemeja because today is Monday so i feel like to be more formal. So for today, no work for me early in the morning so bro Jamal want me to teach him how to create blog using this Blogger. He want to create blog for his Wedding and Talent Agency, so i as a practical students guide him how to create the blog. Actually me also don't have an experience how to create a blog but after a week study how to use it, now i know how to use it. What i can say is, Blogger is simple. I give him an opinion how to create it in term of the layout, pictures and so on. At first he saw my blog so he wanted to have one. Bro Jamal have their own Wedding and Talent agency and he also a photographer. Anything about camera i learn from him, he's very talented with the camera.

Then for today i have a task to burn a DVD for Encik Taufiq individual purpose. i dont how to burn the DVD using Mac so my friend, Lokman teach me how to burn it. Actually its my first time using Mac because in my whole life I'm using Windows for work. Using Mac is very easy actually when we know the technique then we will get use of using it.

Next my task is to be the proof reader. The role of proof reader is to check all the design, material made by the staff, if there is mistake, i will mark it and the staff will amend it so it can be submit to the printer. As a proof reader, i have to make sure no mistake in the material so that our client will satisfied with our work.

Then Fahmi, Lokman and I were called by Encik Taufiq. I was thinking what going to be next, the Encik Taufiq said that we have to go to Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to do a task which is link to Bank Rakyat at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. I think last time i went to Kelantan is in year 1999 when i was in trip for school. Encik Taufiq give us a little bit briefing about Kelantan task tomorrow which is What to do? Where to stay? and many more.. oh Kelantan oh Kelantan.

So, tomorrow... KELANTAN wait for me!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - Day 4

Today i arrive at the office at 9.30am and everybody in the office has arrive! Thanks God!
Then about 10.30am the company organize a meeting about notebook and Diary of Bank Rakyat. Encik Taufiq discuss with all the staff what should be in the notebook and the diary and when are the deadline so that all the task that been given will be submit. Encik Taufiq explain what to do and what to be amend in the notebook and the diary so that the Bank Rakyat will satisfied with company work.
He also mention that on Friday, a client will come to our office and i start thinking myself, "am i going to work on Public holiday?" ooohhh no! he said that we have to prepare to make them feel more comfortable.Fahmi and I will list up all the thing that lack in the office such as Maggi, Milo and so on because the client will stay back at the office and do the work until done.
Encik khairi also mention about the "working wall" that should have in our company so that the client will know what we have do in this company, the working wall should have the flow of the work that we have done such as the picture we shoot, the task given and the deadline and many more so that the client know that we are working and not playing around. Encik Taufiq said that "advertising company is all about show"
Today Fahmi and I will make sure the cleanliness in the office. Thank You.
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 3 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - Day 3

Today i arrive at the office sharp at 9.30am and @10.00am i and bro Jamal out to find a product which is the "Heart shape pendant" to make some photo shoot for the Bank Rakyat Diary. We went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and we went to Mydin which is selling the imitation of Jewelery because for the photo shoot purpose no need to buy the real gold because it can cost the company so much so the conclusion is we have to find a heart shape gold pendant. At Mydin, the jewelery looks like low quality of imitation jewelery so we decided to walk around Jalan TAR and look for it. All shop we went in and ask for the Gold Pendant but we can't find it. Actually it is difficult to find Imitation jewelery at Jalan TAR because of the low quality of imitation until we went to "Semua House" at Jalan TAR. We met with the sellers and the gold pendant that he show to us really make us happy because it is really gold and it is very high quality of imitation even though the price is about Rm60. Then we decided to buy it and photo shoot it at the office. Then i and bro Jamal went for lunch at Semua House restaurant located at the front door of Semua House mall. After lunch we went back to office to shoot the picture of the gold pendant.

This are the Gold pendant that we search at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

The Sonket
 Below are the photo shoot made by Hasrul Azrin guided by bro Jamal. I know its basic actually but i manage to learn it well. Well done Hasrul Azrin!

Gold Pendant 1

Gold Pendant 2

This is the train that had be given by bro Jamal and here the result! Credit to bro Jamal. I also learn a little bit how to edit the pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Today, day 3 I'm really proud of myself because i though it was difficult to do photo shoot a picture but when we know the technique, it was easy actually! See ya tomorrow on Day 4. Thank you

Day 1 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - Day 1

On my previous post, i had introduce bout myself and what i've been doing in my life. My name is Hasrul Azrin bin Mohamd Nazir and I'm from Kolej Poly Tech MARA, Kuala Lumpur  cooperation with Conventry University Now I am doing my internship programmed at Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa. Actually is kind of weird because I've never work before and what i do before is just study for the past 5 years and never had experience of working. Now i would like to share with you guys my experience on my first day at Razali Omar Design(ROD). Hasrul Azrin is a punctual person which is when the person said the office will open up at 9.00am, he will be there but what happen is when he reach at the office there were no one at the office but 10 minute after that Encik Khairi which is the "Big boss" at Razali Omar Design arrive at the office. We met for the second time and he kind of person that is "Happy go lucky" that always smile and happy. Then i met the staff in in the ROD, there were 4 staff in the company which is bro Jamal, bro Nazri, Lukman and Izzat. In the company of ROD they create and design advertisement for Bank Rakyat. Calender, Diary, books, banner, bunting and all about the Bank Rakyat will be design in ROD. In here they are using Macintosh as their operating system so all the software is in MAC. For editing they are using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe inDesign. At the first day as usual there were no jobs for me so what i do is just sit down and surfing internet until one of the staff, Izzat give me a task which is tear the old design on the mounting board then put it aside. After that, i have to paste all the new design back onto the mounting board. At first i taught i have to put the glue on the design and paste it on the mounting board but actually there is a way how to paste it which it to spray it with "Spray Mount' to replace the glue. I learn how to use it and paste it on the mounting board. Then bro Nazri gave me a task which is to cut the Design using blade that they have created. In here they created a lot of stuff such as envelope, box and many more. Then as usual no work for me and what i do is just sit back and surfing the internet and maybe it is the same with the other internship students at the other places. The clock now is 4.30pm but still no work to do so i just take a look what they work for. One of them which is bro Jamal busy editing using Adobe Photoshop then the other staff busy editing the diary using Adobe inDesign and so the other guy name Lokman.  

Day 2 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - Day 2
Arrive at 9.00am but as usual no one at the office  and what i do is went to Nearest Mamak in setiawangsa and have breakfast. At the Mamak restaurant i met my big boss which is Encik Taufiq and Encik Khairi, they also had breakfast here. Then we chat about the company and i ask him about the company that he manage right now. After 15 minute chat with him, then i realize i have to go to office and by the time i arrive at the office, all the staff were there and now i know that their punch in at the company is at 9.30am and tomorrow of course i will come before 9.30am. As usual, no work for me or task for me and what i do for today is wait for the next task that will be given. Then Izzat give me a task that i have to make some filing work.

After lunch Lokman, Izzat and me went to bank Rakyat at Jalan Tangsi to submit the design so that they can choose the design from ROD, in ROD they will design several design at least three design so that the Bank Rakyat can choose the design that they interested. After one hour at Bank Rakyat, we go back to office to do the other work. Day 2 is quite exhausted because no work for me. I'm quite bored and started to feel sleepy at the office and I hope tomorrow will be better than today. Amin