Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5th week @ Razali Omar Design - Hasrul as a Quality Check Person

Wahh 5th week already!  Time goes so fast. For the 5th week of my internship, there's is a lot work to do which is i have to make sure all the notebook and diary design for bank Rakyat are in good condition and all the diary are enough for them. There is a dozen of box and all is diary and notebook. What i do is to check the quality of the stamping and all the pages inside it. If there is a mistake, i have to separated it aside and return to the printing company and scold them( uurghhhhh marah nih!) hahaha!

And what i noticed on the 5th week is i was the transporters  in the company! Damn! but its okay because i'm kinda love it to drive all over kuala Lumpur with the baby Alphard(Nissan Vannete) Hahah! =D
At first i felt very lazy to drive the baby alphard because i never drive a van before this! But everything changes when i'm in it. when Malaysia F1 driver on it, Nissan vannete will be like Mclaren! haha!
okay thats it for this week. What i can concluded is 5th week were busy week because a lot work to do and on the 5th week also i am the "Transporters of Razali Omar Design" ^_^

See ya next week guys. Have a nice day!

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