Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4th week @ Razali Omar Design - Canon 550D, come to me!

I come early today, is about 9.30am and i bought Nasi Lemak for my breakfast and usually i will take my breakfast before doing any job.On this week I did all my work as usual but I think I have done it too fast. So I have finished all of the work on the last Friday. On Monday, i was not report at the office because i'm on my vacation with the family to Langkawi and late at night i arrive at home and tomorrow i will start my work back! 

So, on Tuesday and so on I have no work to do. Well, because I have no work to do.. I ask one of the staff do they have any work for me to do and finally they gave me a task which is to design the banner about "Karnival Bank Rakyat". This time I need to do it really slow to make sure I will always have a work to do on Wednesday, my supervisor asked me to do the learn from the internet to make me understand more about Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and if i still can't get it then they will guide me how to do it. Actually it's very hard to do it because i have no basic of doing it and my basic is on Business field but its okay because i can learn new things from them. Way you go Hasrul! I have done did all of my work in a week. Bro Jamal and Bro Nazs are very professional when designing a banner, bunting, flag line and so on. They are very good, i salute!

But there is one thing when i work here, i start to like photo shoot because its really fun! bro jamal and nazs teach me a lot of skills how to captured the image using the right ways, play with light, make it beautiful and many more. This is very interesting and start from there, i wish that i would have a DSLR camera on my own! If i have my own DSLR, i thing i will stick with my DSLR wherever i go! Hope to have it soon.. AMIN.....

See ya next week ^_^

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