Wednesday, December 22, 2010

8th week @ Razali Omar Design - My last breath.

Hye, Hasrul again.
Ermm quite sad actually guys, because it is my final week at Razali Omar Design. Urgghhh. I hate this feeling lol.
Last week? Lot of things happen in this week, all the joy and fun will be kept in my memory. I will never forget this memory at ROD.

In my final week, i have been given a task to travel wish is to Segambut and Tanjung Malim. Its because after all the design finish, we have to deliver at out client wherever they are because its proper to give all the artwork and finish product by hand, its quite fun to travel by "baby Alphard" to anywhere in Malaysia because at the same time we can learn something new such as what people do outside the town and we can compare the work at Village and at the city, its totally different! Here are some pictures when we at Tanjung Malim..

Kuala Lumpur -- Tanjung Malim 

The lifestyle in Tanjung Malim Town

He's not doing his work actually! I'm the one who work hard for it!

Final post before delivery by Lukman Taufik

Fahmi with Puan Nor Zalimah negotiated about the price

Penolong Pengurus? Yes she are, Madam Noor Zalimah Mohd Zain

Fahmi and Lukman unloaded the procuct

In this day, i as a photographer of ROD so my job is taking picture about what happen when we are doing our job. Actually there is a lot of pictures but i have to filter it because it is confidential! Hehe.
We as a team go to Bank Rakyat Tanjung Malim for two days because we have a problem with our printing company so we deliver 200 pieces first and then the next day we deliver another 800 pieces of Pau packaging to the bank. The next day which is in Wednesday, we go back to Tanjung Malim at 11.00am and we arrive at 12.00pm. Madam Zalimah was very happy with us because we do a great job! We deliver the product on time as we promise. I was very happy and she gave us 2 packet of Pau from Tanjung Malim. Thank you madam!

The next day, On Thursday we prepare a surprise birthday present for Manager in MPSJ, we started from morning until night at 9.00pm. In the morning we print the birthday wish and tied it with the rope. The idea is, we want to hang it on the ceiling so that the birthday wish will be hang all night long and when its morning, she will notice it. We print a lot of birthday wish and prepare a lot of balloon and we start our work when she's going back home at 6.00pm. Here i want to share with you guys when we at MPSJ.

Lukman with his "Tong"

Izzat busy prepared the birthday card
Fahmi help Lukman with the "Tong"

Balloon that we used for birthday surprise
Birthday card design by Razali Omar Design

When "Star" doing his work

Look! Hasrul the only one who work. Izzat? Daaa ~

Captured by Lukman Aisy Taufik

Busy with our balloon and Card

Add caption

The balloon are getting more and more!

Lukman and Izzat

Flying Lukman!

Oh yeah! More balloon

How is it now? Nice right

Lukman busy with the position of the balloon

From the outside of her Office

Happy Birthday Madam!

Four of us before leaving
 ROD also can organize event such as birthday party, carnival and many more and for me Razali Omar Design is Versatile which means that they can do anything as long there is a way to do it and always positive when doing the work.

Friday is my last breath in Razali Omar Design and actually it is very hard to leave my studio team, there are very supportive and positive. Thanks to Encik Khairi and Encik Taufiq( Diorang bagi saya Elaun taw!) bro Jamal Tommy-Run, Abg Nazs, Fahmi, Izzat and Lukmat Taufik. You guys give me a lot of experience since i start at ROD and i will never forget your help and memories. Hope you all will miss me when i'm gone. Thank you guys. Thanks A lot. Thanks for the memories(eh macam lagu daaaaa...). Thanks for all the sweet moment. All the laugh, harassment(bro Jamal. Will miss you a lot bro..), and the work as a team will never be forget. God bless you all and May God Bless Razali Omar Design. Thank you so much. You have teach me a meaning of "Work" ... Assalamualaikum.

Thank You,

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