Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7th week @ Razali Omar Design - Me? Director?

Hasrul again in the new week. =)
As we all know, next week gonna be my final week of Internship Programed and i start to feel wanna work and stop study for my Bachelor(HONS) but i think that not gonna be happen because for the past 5 years i have been study and i don't want to broke my parents ambitious which is to see their son have the Degree scroll and the name of Hasrul Azrin Mohamad Nazir at the PICC hall. That was their ambition. Seriously i don't want to disappointed them.

In this week, we as a ROD team seat together and discuss about the new job which is about TV commercial. I was given a task to find any source of TV commercial and download it as references. Then we will make a 30sec TV commercial about Bank Rakyat Credit Card. Then i was given a task to translate the Press Advertisement into English version. They also want me to find the suitable word for this credit card so that when people read it, they will remember. I surf the internet and find a lot of references about the credit card and from there i innovate an idea how to create a word about Bank Rakyat Credit Card. I hope all the word i propose to Bank Rakyat management will be used in the banner, pamphlet, bunting and so on. I will feel very proud if all my hard work can be seen with my own eyes.

In this week, all i do i to find all source about TV commercial and the others bank TV commercial and from there i can imagine what gonna be with the Bank Rakyat Credit card TV commercial. Actually i have my own idea how to manage the video and i will work with bro Jamal on the storyboard about the TV commercial. Storyboard will tell us the flow of the TV commercial so that the management will understand what we gonna do next.

In this week i think there is about 2 meetings about this task because we want to grab this opportunities and at the same time it will increase the profit in the company and that what i learn from ROD this week. Whatever it is, we have to take the challenge so that people will not underestimate us as a small company.
So, thats it for this week. See you guys in the last week in Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Thank you for reading.

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