Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 10 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 10th November 2010 - Kelantan Task

Arrives at Kelantan at 7.00am and it is a long journey for me and as far as i'm concern the last time i went to Kelantan is in year 2000 and that time i was in a school trip to Kelantan! Wow! Long long long time ago, 10 years ago!

After that we walked to the Hotel about 5 minute walking and we reach at Hotel Raudhah in Kelantan. The room is quite big even though we just pay for Rm147.50 and it full with facilities and not like the other cheap hotel in other places which is they have to share the toilet, no water heater and so on. But we are lucky because this hotel are full with all kind of facilities but no swimming pool! Just kidding! Then we slept for a while at the Hotel because in the bus we cant sleep well because of the environment in the Transnasional bus and i promise to myself that it will be my last time to ride on Transnasional. My last time!

We start work at 2.00pm but we go out early because to find a taxi. We think that its hard to find taxi in Kelantan and guess what, there is taxi all around us! And now i know why is taxi driver all around Kelantan, it is because the taxi charges are quite expensive! From Kota Baru to Kubang kerian is Rm15.00! No wonder all people in here wanted to be taxi driver, and the fun part is, no meter in the taxi! What we do is, we ask the taxi driver where to go and the taxi driver will name the price! Haha! And if in Kuala Lumpur, i think from Kota Baru to Kubang Kerian the charges will be only Rm6.50 only because it is not far enough actually. But we dont have any choice. We hired the taxi and went to Bank Rakyat at Kubang Kerian.

At the Bank Rakyat we were surprises because the balloon were not there, we start thinking if the balloon has flew away.This is not good and Fahmi go to see the person in charge and ask for it, we were shocked because Fahmi went out by holding the box of balloon in it. The staff of Bank Rakyat has pack it up for us because they said the balloon has leak of gas and it drop down. The job become more easier and we as a group roll the ropes and pack all the tools inside the box and we go for a lunch at RFC. Radix Fried Chicken.
I bet there will be no RFC in Kuala Lumpur and guess what RFC has their own branch in Kelantan and the interface are just like KFC! Well Done Kelantan!

Then we go back to our Hotel to kept the balloon and all the tools. We rest and after that we go to KB Mall which is situated at Kota Baru. Its good to see the Mall at the other places because before this we are immune with all the Kuala Lumpur mall but today we take a tour at Kota Baru city.

At 9.00pm we have to go back to Kuala Lumpur but not with Transnasional anymore! Tonight we will be on Sani Ekspress all the way back to Kuala Lumpur! YahoooooooOO! Sani Ekspress is very comfortable and i'm start loving riding a bus actually when i met Sani Ekspress! All the way back to Kuala Lumpur i met a girl and she actually very kind and i hope i can see her back soon. Insyallah. Thanks Kelantan

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