Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 8 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - 8th November 2010

Arrive at 9.30am and today I'm wearing long sleeve kemeja because today is Monday so i feel like to be more formal. So for today, no work for me early in the morning so bro Jamal want me to teach him how to create blog using this Blogger. He want to create blog for his Wedding and Talent Agency, so i as a practical students guide him how to create the blog. Actually me also don't have an experience how to create a blog but after a week study how to use it, now i know how to use it. What i can say is, Blogger is simple. I give him an opinion how to create it in term of the layout, pictures and so on. At first he saw my blog so he wanted to have one. Bro Jamal have their own Wedding and Talent agency and he also a photographer. Anything about camera i learn from him, he's very talented with the camera.

Then for today i have a task to burn a DVD for Encik Taufiq individual purpose. i dont how to burn the DVD using Mac so my friend, Lokman teach me how to burn it. Actually its my first time using Mac because in my whole life I'm using Windows for work. Using Mac is very easy actually when we know the technique then we will get use of using it.

Next my task is to be the proof reader. The role of proof reader is to check all the design, material made by the staff, if there is mistake, i will mark it and the staff will amend it so it can be submit to the printer. As a proof reader, i have to make sure no mistake in the material so that our client will satisfied with our work.

Then Fahmi, Lokman and I were called by Encik Taufiq. I was thinking what going to be next, the Encik Taufiq said that we have to go to Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to do a task which is link to Bank Rakyat at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. I think last time i went to Kelantan is in year 1999 when i was in trip for school. Encik Taufiq give us a little bit briefing about Kelantan task tomorrow which is What to do? Where to stay? and many more.. oh Kelantan oh Kelantan.

So, tomorrow... KELANTAN wait for me!!

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