Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 2 @ Razali Omar Design, Taman Setiawangsa

Hasrul Azrin - Day 2
Arrive at 9.00am but as usual no one at the office  and what i do is went to Nearest Mamak in setiawangsa and have breakfast. At the Mamak restaurant i met my big boss which is Encik Taufiq and Encik Khairi, they also had breakfast here. Then we chat about the company and i ask him about the company that he manage right now. After 15 minute chat with him, then i realize i have to go to office and by the time i arrive at the office, all the staff were there and now i know that their punch in at the company is at 9.30am and tomorrow of course i will come before 9.30am. As usual, no work for me or task for me and what i do for today is wait for the next task that will be given. Then Izzat give me a task that i have to make some filing work.

After lunch Lokman, Izzat and me went to bank Rakyat at Jalan Tangsi to submit the design so that they can choose the design from ROD, in ROD they will design several design at least three design so that the Bank Rakyat can choose the design that they interested. After one hour at Bank Rakyat, we go back to office to do the other work. Day 2 is quite exhausted because no work for me. I'm quite bored and started to feel sleepy at the office and I hope tomorrow will be better than today. Amin

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