Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6th week @ Razali Omar Design - How to be a factory workers?

Oh yeah hye and Assalamualaikum to all my friends! 6th week on Razali Omar Design make me feel like don't want to leave the company but what can i do because i'm just the internship student in this company =( At first i felt like kinda bored and feel wanna go home early everyday but the feel start to changes when i'm comfortable with it. I start to felt ROD is one of my soul and decision to leave ROD was not my decision and its actually the contract of internship programed. 

 I have two more weeks to go and after that i'm done in ROD company. This week i would like to share my experience at ROD. As usual, like i said last week which is very busy and before this i kept asking what work to do and so on but on December in ROD are really busy because here we have to make sure all the design, the output of the design are ready and can be delivered to our company. Even though i were busy working and sometimes i went back home at 8.00pm and i feel very exhausted and don't want to come to the office anymore but i have strength to get back to work and everything done smoothly. Alhamdulilah. At this week also we as a team go to the factory which is in Puchong to check the quality of the printing so that the customer wont complaint about our product and artwork. When in the factory, the situation are totally different from office because as you all know printing factory quite hot and have very medium air ventilation. We have to check all over 9000 diary if there is mistakes or any problems with the diary before we can deliver to our client. This week make us very tired and its okay because for me, i learnt  the life of being the factory workers and trust me, its exhausted and really danger.

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